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I have over 40 years of direct, personal experience dealing with the IRS and its enforcement of the tax laws (includes 8 years with the Tax Division, US Department of Justice). I started this blog to help the general public understand the IRS and how it enforces the tax laws – collecting taxes, audits, tax liens, settlement options, and the whole basket of important taxpayer rights. The actual laws and rules are technical and complicated — and written in Legalese. This blog speaks in plain English. It will also help you deal with the overarching question everyone has about their tax problem: “What the H— is going on here; what am I dealing with, and what can I do about it.”

About The Author

Robert G. Nath is recognized as an authority on tax matters with over 40 years’ experience in tax controversy matters. He holds degrees from Yale, the University of Pennsylvania School of Law (Juris Doctor), and Georgetown University (Master of Laws in Taxation). After clerking for a federal judge, Mr. Nath litigated tax cases for 8 years with the Tax Division, U.S. Department of Justice. Since 1984, he has been in private practice advising taxpayers, accountants, and attorneys on tax procedure and controversy matters, as well as representing them before the IRS and in court in tax collection, audit and tax litigation matters. His practice is devoted solely to tax controversy and procedural matters.

This is the age of tax payer rights

This is an age of taxpayer rights. If you use these rights, there is hope for almost every IRS-related matter. The key is to realize the problem early – formulate a logical plan – and take action. Catch it late, and the results are almost always more costly. Knowing what to do – and how to help – takes experience: real-world, plain English, working every day with IRS line agents, kind of experience.

This blog is about ONLY the IRS’ enforcement of the US tax code. It does not address most tax law questions or tax return preparation.

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