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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The IRS is now adding…wait for it…bar codes to their collection notices! The agency will place these scannable codes only on two preliminary notices (CP14 and CP 14 1A). They say you can scan the code and go directly to, to access your account, set up a payment plan or contact the Taxpayer Advocate.

Advantage: Big one: you won’t need to call the IRS (main number: 800-829-1040) or (in many cases) speak directly to a live agent. That could save time and anxiety – all is done by a computer.

Disadvantage: This service may not work for larger balances due.

IRS sends more than 8 million of these “CP14” notices each year.

Reference: IR-2020-233 (October 9, 2020) searchable at

Posted October 21, 2020

The IRS says the more you make, the higher you chances of a tax audit. Still, the actual mathematical chances remain low for most income categories. Here is the 2015 chart IRS just published:

You can find the above, and lots of other fascinating collections, audits and other statistics in the Internal Revenue Service Data Book (2019), available at So if you can’t sleep some night……

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